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Financial Planning

Canberra Advice Financial Planning is a privately owned financial planning service. Our goal is to put you in a better financial position that is going to lift your lifestyle with our expert advice.

Our principal adviser, Serhan Mackey, refined her professional skills as a financial planner through 14 years of experience with leading financial services firms including AXA, BT, MLC, Industry Fund Services and the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC). Serhan built a reputation as an expert and respected adviser. After helping over a thousand clients achieve their goals, Serhan established Canberra Advice in 2021.

The planning industry is slowly evolving into a profession and Serhan is at the forefront of this change. She is highly educated and technically capable and professionally and commercially astute. She has a bachelors degree in Education, a Masters of Business, a Masters of Financial Planning and Serhan has successfully completed the FASEA financial adviser exam.

Serhan is a highly skilled wealth strategist with expertise in specialist areas including Defined Benefit Schemes, Industry super funds and self-managed super funds. In 2015, she was one of the key advisors of an award winning financial planning team providing Defined Benefit Superannuation advice to Australian Public Servants and the Defence community.

Serhan is currently on the board of the ACT Public Trustee as an honorary member serving a second 3 year term and she was on the Australian Defence Force preferred advisor panel for 2 years

Serhan is also passionate about increasing financial literacy among women and helping to reduce the wealth gap between men and women.



CSS Member

"While there are increasing numbers of women working in the financial advice sector, when I met Serhan some years ago, this was not the case. I had not previously found a woman to advise me, and I was on the point of making what would have been a big mistake for my future financial security. I not only avoided that mistake but, for the first time, had financial matters explained to me in a way I could understand and act on with confidence. Serhan is never patronising and has endless patience in explaining an area that can be mysterious and stressful for those outside the field. She is always honest in her dealings with her clients, particularly with regard to costs and likely outcomes. She has a particular interest in helping women particularly in overcoming the gender gap that can compromise later-life financial security. I have recommended others to Serhan and everyone I have recommended has been equally impressed with her help. I have complete trust in her integrity and knowledge and, in a business where the right advice can be hard to identify, she is highly recommended!"


Retired Navy Officer

"Serhan provided advice during my transition to retirement after 40 years in the Navy. Having recently returned from a six month deployment, and with less than 3 months to go, Serhan provided close personal attention as she guided my wife and I through this confronting process. She took the time to actually determine my personal circumstances and targets for moving forward, progressively building trust. She provided clear, reasoned advice, and took the time to explain the rationale for that advice. At the time of retirement, she ensured the actual transition under DFRDB was completed efficiently without any unexpected issues. My experience with Serhan has been very positive, and I intend to continue to periodically seek her advice in the future."


Semi-retired APS SES Executive

" Serhan provided my partner and I each with top quality financial advice as we prepared to transition out of long term Australian Public Service careers. Serhan has a detailed understanding of the Commonwealth superannuation schemes, the PSS in our case, and was able to apply this knowledge to prepare individual and combined financial plans with us.

We followed the advice and implemented the plans. It has been the key to a successful transition, and our financial future has been secured. We could not have done this without Serhan's professional and skilled approach. I can strongly recommend Serhan, and have recommended her to others - with the same positive results. Our only regret is that we did not do it sooner!"

Lisa & Richard

Retired CSS & PSS Members

"Serhan has advised us on all our financial matters for the past 7 years. In that time, we have both transitioned from full-time to part-time work, and into retirement from the Australian Public Service.

Serhan gave us excellent financial advice throughout and we are grateful for her down-to-earth, open, honest and ethical approach. She listened carefully to our needs and goals, advising us on financial options perfect for our risk profile, helping to set us up comfortably now we are no longer working in the APS. We recommend her highly for all financial advice relating to defined benefits schemes."

Neil & Anne

Retired PSS Members

"We have been given advice by Serhan on a couple of occasions now and we trust her analysis. We have found her friendly, approachable and hard-working." 

Michael & Ann

Retired CSS & PSS Members

"We have received superannuation advice on several occasions from Serhan Mackey from 2013. The advice was about the public service superannuation schemes, PSS, CSS and PSSap, as well as industry superannuation funds.

Serhan has always been knowledgeable, efficient and friendly, and we have confidence in the advice we have received. Although some of our superannuation issues have been quite complex, Serhan was able to sort through the complexities and explain the options in a straightforward way.

We believe Serhan’s advice has been in our best interests. We have followed her advice and are extremely happy with our superannuation situation."

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